The President of the United States, Victim Shames a Patriot

The three women who were brave enough and patriotic enough to come forward and reveal to the world their own traumatic, painful, and humiliating, assaults at the hand of Kavanaugh, were accused on national television of being liars by Donald Trump, the President himself.  Donald Trump, always the consummate gentleman. Well, when he’s not grabbing women by their pussies, that is.  But after all, that’s just boys being boys, am I right?

“A HORRIBLE CON-JOB, FALSE ACCUSATIONS, MADE UP STORIES, A FAR LEFT CONSPIRACY, LIES SPREAD BY THE FAKE MEDIA” are just some of the accusations hurled on national television, by the President of The United States at three (and counting), CREDIBLE women claiming to be assault and/or rape victims of Brett Kavanaugh. The fact that Kavanaugh is applying for a job on one of the most powerful benches in the United States Government, was the impetus that made Christine Blasey Ford make this unimaginable sacrifice.  She was doing her civic duty.  Too bad she was the only one.

Allow me to clarify for anyone that has had their head shoved in a snowbank (so much nicer than the inferred, ‘up their asses’ remark I deleted) Trump’s full-blown attacks on these women are called “VICTIM BLAMING,” and for the record, it is frowned upon.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford stepping forward as her “Civic Duty,” is called PATRIOTISM people!

Of course, patriotism is not a concept Trump understands, upholds, defends or even cares to, for that matter. Patriotism would require dedication to someone other than himself. Seriously, who are we kidding? That trolly jumped the tracks long ago. The fact that at this juncture, we may all be numb to Trump debasing and discrediting women makes it no less apprehensible, insidious, and in this case, unpatriotic. Just so we are clear on that. We ARE clear, right?

(big breath)
If you haven’t been sexually assaulted yourself, you cannot truly comprehend how horrific, humiliating, and terrifying the notion of announcing your sexual assault to the world would be. Doing so on live television in front of The Senate Judiciary Committee while being drilled by cutthroat, bloodless, powerful politicians whose primary goal is to rip you to shreds so they can put their boy, rapist or not, in a seat that will decide the fate of the most critical issues facing the citizens of the United States until he dies, is beyond ANYONE’S comprehension. (exhale! you ok? I will attempt punctuation, but no promises)

I don’t know about everyone else, but it sounds reasonable to me, that given there is NO DEADLINE, Republican Senators can take an eensy-teensy timeout and let the professionals take over the investigation. You know, share their toys; stop being spoiled, entitled brats.

Call me crazy, but taking a good look into these matters before giving a potential sexual predator a lifelong seat on the Supreme Court, would be considered common sense by even the hardest screw at a rally in Billings, Montana. I mean, COME ON PEOPLE, we can ALL get together on sexual predators, right?

In the event you are one of the t-boners that ONLY get news from trump’s state-sponsored TV, let me clarify this one piece of propaganda. There IS EVIDENCE. There ARE WITNESSES and the Republican Senators REFUSE TO SUBPOENA ANY OF THE NUMEROUS WITNESSES, ALLOW THEM TO TESTIFY NOR INVESTIGATE THE CHARGES.

Trump REFUSES to reopen the FBI’s background check, nor investigate ANY of the allegations from THREE different women, even when the predator in question is applying to sit on THE MOST POWERFUL COURT IN THE COUNTRY! Boy, that sure sounds like a big deal, hoity-toity job to me! Not for nothin, but wouldn’t he be in a position of power where being a sexual predator could undeniably adversely affect any woman or women’s issue that comes before him?

So…. what do ya say Senators, how about taking a knee? (now, that’s just funny bahahaha)

The courage and self-sacrifice it takes these women to speak up, all the while knowing it will forever change both their own and their family’s lives, is unimaginable. It certainly should get from everyone, both acute attention and bi-partisan respect.

Their lives will be turned upside down and inside out.  Their lives will always be divided by the time before, and the time following this diabolical shameful sham of a hearing about her uninvestigated sexual assault and what will certainly be her life-long personal sacrifice.

Don’t you think it is time we take a good look at how our government is currently being held, hostage? If they were making it up, why on earth would the alleged victims put themselves and their families through this hellish debacle? The Republican Senators, together with our President, have made of what should and could have been a rational, transparent and thorough procedure, a reprehensible slap in the face of justice.

I have no doubt they will be asking themselves the same thing after Senator Graham and his cronies roll a freight train through their lives, and enstate the likely rapist anyway.

How evolved did you think those contemptuous, chauvinistic, tendentious old geezers really were? I mean REALLY? Wise Up! All evidence to the contrary.

On the docket for Congress, the first order of business should be required re-education of the members of Congress. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Enough is Enough!!

It has gotten to the point, in my opinion, that each member must be required to pass a CONGRESS 101, 201, 301 and 401course laying out what their actual job is, what is expected of them, and how boys and girls can play nicely with each other.

Stay with me here, because this brings me to my next suggestion (I never run out of those).

Do not fret my friends, I have a plan on how we can get the kids to play nice with each other. A plan to make them stop ripping apart the house creating a gargantuan mess, and leaving only chewed up and spit out cookie crumbs for the rest of us.

I will even administer the exam (if my mom is not available), and my big brothers and sister can be “oversight”. Trust me, country kids will whip the entitled ass-kissing self-serving members of Congress into ship-shape. I suggest you buy tickets and butter your popcorn.

The time has come to implement guidelines, boundaries, and accountability for the members of Congress.  So with that in mind, some form of restructuring may be required for the truly, undeniably, half-baked, procedurally partisan, polarized, cattywampus, current “proper procedures” that
I think we can all agree, are FAR from proper.
Hear me out! Everything has to be updated at some point. I mean, just consider Donald’s hair-do. For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. Or, so I was told.

Where the hell are all the grown-ups around here?  We need a disciplinarian.  We need some good old-fashioned Capital Punishment.  Get it? CAPITAL punishment.  I crack myself up.

(To avoid a spit-take, put your beverage down)

The president is correct, THE TIMING HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT! Yes, You are bloody right, Mr. President!

Kavanaugh’s assault victims did indeed wait as long as they possibly could. However, they did so hoping they would not HAVE to come forward.

Now that that little detail has been ironed out, let’s get to the grit.

After the undeniably unethical Republican Senators set fire to the notes outlining ethical above-board behavior expectations for the Judiciary Committee, they did a double back ganer so deep into the swamp scum, I could smell the stench from here.

When Mitch McConnel PROMISED he was going to “Push this right through!”, referring to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, the other assault victims HAD TO STAND UP! Wouldn’t YOU?

It’s worth noting the only brave people with true integrity in this story, happen to be women.
(I digress… bahahahaha, AS IF!!!)

THE WOMEN HAD NO CHOICE! Can you imagine watching a man that raped or assaulted YOU get a seat on the Supreme Court?

Today in a press conference when asked by a female reporter, “Are all three women lying?” trump looked away from her and said to a conservative male reporter, “Next Question!”


These repugnant individuals better be damn sure they have NOTHING TO HIDE from their pasts because there will be microscopes so far up their asses they won’t be able to sit down.

Let me dismount my soapbox with this last truth. Given the majority of women in this country, much to my chagrin, have been sexually victimized in their lifetimes, then men need to Listen Up!! Men need to Wise Up!! and men need to Man Up!! The days of men forcing themselves on women is Over!! The time has come for men to Grow Up!!

So hear me when I say, if they Do Not Listen Up, Wise Up, Man Up and Grow Up, then men should expect to be Locked Up!!

Cynthia Stetzer©

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