The Kavanaugh Hearing; Old Pickles on Golden Thrones. 

Inside the suffocating, kiss-ass, grudge-filled, puffed-chest, golden-box of the Senate Judiciary Committee, they have grown petty, controlling and unyielding at the degradation of all us who have no power to change their minds, and less influence than my drunk uncle. All of a sudden I get what all the fuss is about!  Term limits, as it turns out, are a really big deal.

I never realized what a terrible impact their Life-Long Royal Thrones could have on us. Currently, they seem to be destroying the very unity of the nation, and the culture of inclusion that we’ve built with intention outside the dank halls of Washington. I wonder if they realize girls wear shoes now and boys know how to cook. Has anyone told them women have the right to vote? … and we are PISSED OFF!

An expiration date would force them to be more accountable, not run around willy-nilly strong-arming their personal prejudices into laws. Maybe I am coming late to the table, but consider how many millennials are just scooting their chairs up to eat at the government buffet. Maybe we all need to have a look at what gilded castle they have built for themselves in Washington, while we were fighting for sidewalks around Smith School.

All day long I have been studying Grassley, Graham, Hatch, and O’Connell. I can not wrap my brain around anyone consciously voting for those guys. Has anyone double checked to see if some of those old guys have actually been re-elected? Is it possible they just stay in Washington wielding a wooden hammer, bossing everyone around and demanding someone stop the clock? Maybe everybody just assumes they are supposed to be there. I’m a little suspicious, so could somebody please look into this?
I would like nothing more after watching the hearing and senators statements than to see those elderly abstinent bastards get kicked back to their home states and face their constituents. I’ll take pictures! I’ll pack a picnic.

Let’s clean house, why not? It’s time to clean the gunk off our ceiling fans and get the shit out of the garage that’s making it impossible to get the car in there. If I built a “Shit Storage” off the laundry room then fine. However, I agreed on a garage where I could park my car, and it is no longer serving its purpose. I mean, even the carpet needs to be replaced at some point when high traffic areas make it clear everyone is walking in the exact same direction without deviation. Rearranging furniture won’t hide the stains. It has to be replaced.

Same goes for all elected officials. Hell, after this last couple of weeks I’d be open to rotating Supreme Court Judge term limits. Think about it. How realistic is this lifetime appointment now that people frequently live past fifty?

Look at it this way. How many marriages last a lifetime? At some point, you might realize one of them isn’t the person you thought they were when you ‘voted them into office’. One day you might walk into the living room, and there’s the Judge sprawled all over the couch in his ripped underwear drinking beer and yelling about the neighbor’s dog. You instantly know, This Guy Has Gotta Go! That’s how I’m feeling right now.

To make it possible to elect our actual peers, from now on let’s cap the campaign spending so it’s not just a bunch of rich white guys that purchase their lifetime season tickets to Congress. Why not make it an even playing field? How about we don’t let them decide. Instead, we will vote on that issue. That sure seems more like a democracy than the Russian funded NRA deciding for us who’s going to win an election. How can an average guy win when the other guy just had the GOP and NRA set up camp in the back parking lot of the Walmart complete with Russian operatives to run his campaign?

If these shameful senators I’m watching on tv right now do get voted back into their seats, then I could feel less like we are all in a sinking dinghy taking on thirty-foot waves, dying of thirst, sunburnt, covered in mosquito bites, and fighting over Thanksgiving dinner. I would feel better knowing that the constituents of these impudent ‘leaders’ do in fact, STILL support the work they are doing and agree with the decisions they are making, regardless of how asinine I believe them to be. Then I would just be back to looking around me in disbelief at mankind while considering which part of the tropics to hang my hammock.

Honestly, I always used to feel so far removed when it came to voting for state representatives. I felt entirely out of the loop. Maybe it’s because I travel so much. Maybe it would be different if I knew them through my community, or in Kavanaugh’s case, from Hap’s Bar. Having said that, when I lived in New Orleans, I still wouldn’t have voted for the president of the Ku Klux Klan regardless if he used to flirt with me in study hall and delivered the milk.

Before recently, I thought having had a long history in politics was a plus. Yea, not anymore. I like the idea of enthusiastic, optimistic, focused, determined people I relate to, that is ready to work with the other guys and bring back results. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t need huge financial backing to run for office?

I wonder how different this nation would be if we had representatives that THIS generation chose. When many of the current Senators were voted into office, we were facing far different challenges and a far different set of issues than we do now. I would like to know their opinions on equality, national security, gay rights, mass shootings, opiate addiction, health care, and catastrophic cyber attacks from enemy states, to name just a few. I have this aching sense that our country is in the process of taking a huge Simon-Says jump back to the 60’s. I feel like we are in a gunnysack race with a one-legged man.

Add to that, party lines have become impenetrable to the point of inoperable. Our entire country has been held hostage by the Republican majority who are being controlled by a President that, if I am being reserved to the point of personal repression, is of questionable state of mind, questionable loyalty to the country, a likely criminal, and a proven pussy grabbing male chauvinist, adulterer, who appears by every estimation, to be entirely self-serving, incompetent, and void of empathy. If that doesn’t seem alarming, then how about this. The man running the country into the shitter was potentially handpicked and seated into office by Vladamir Putin. Somebody throw me a rope!

From the cheaps seats, it seems like some of the Senators don’t give a care in the world what their constituents want. Most of them don’t even live in their home states anymore. They just grab a jet plane out of our tax-returns and fly back to attend fund-raisers so they can tell everyone how great they are.

I’m getting the impression those old outdated pickles are simply THAT arrogant and self-aggrandizing they assume they are simply smarter than the people they represent and know far better what’s right for us peasants by leaps and bounds.

More correctly, they serve themselves. They serve their own agendas from thirty years ago while completely missing the progress that we as a country have made while they fiddle interns and buy vacation homes in the Hamptons.

It’s much like the dog and pony show taking place this very minute at the Kavanaugh charade. You just need to turn on your television for an excellent example of the broken system, and the appalling absence of morality we EXPECT our representatives to exhibit, live by, and treat others with.

They all need a reality check. This isn’t the 60’s anymore. We need people representing us, WE THE PEOPLE. We need, and should DEMAND to have a Senate comprised of representatives who have a modicum of understanding as to just how the world works, thinks and struggles outside of their offices adorned with $30,000 couches and a staff of servers trying to make their coffee “just the way they want it”, because just as Senator Grassley remarked with obvious annoyance, “NOBODY MAKES MY COFFEE THE WAY I WANT IT!”

How very tragic for Senator Grassley. I guess it’s fair to assume Senator Grassley has lost sight of the sheer number of Americans that cannot AFFORD a cup of coffee. It leaves me wondering if anyone has filled Senator Grassley in on the fact we long ago stopped blaming the victims of sexual assault. I guess that wasn’t a popular topic in The All Boys Club comprised of the Republican Senate Members, and controlled like marionettes by the President of the United States of America.

Cynthia Stetzer
Sept 20, 2018
Two hours into the hearing.




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