Kavanaugh gives the country his “Feel sorry for me” apology. Meanwhile, I’m holding down my dinner.

PALEASE, ANOTHER DRUNK ABUSER APOLOGIZING? If I had a nickel! One thing I know for sure, is those guys can apologize like nobody’s business. They are so smoooth. They keep pushing all the right buttons until you start feeling sorry for them. Everybody has gotten fooled at some point in their lives because frankly, they’re really good at it; they have to be. Am I right?

Many years ago, I made a deal with myself. I will accept ONE apology, just ONE. The next time, they have ALL the information, and that makes their  behavior a choice. That’s a whole different piece of bubblegum.

Sorry Puppy, no amount of tears, begging or crying will tempt me to go for another spin on the crazy train. I’m not a trampoline.

The Kavanaugh con-job is enough to make a pirate puke. To watch a grown man interview for the highest court in the country, and get busted for sexual assault is one thing. To watch him turn into an entitled petulant child having a temper tantrum, attack Senators, and declare he’s a victim of a left-wing conspiracy…


All things Considered, I should probably say instead,


A whole week of watching a bunch of old white racist Republican senators attempting to make the country feel SORRY FOR A SEXUAL ASSAULT PREDATOR, is more than anyone should expect a nice girl to take. You know, because we are all emotional, weak, insecure and worse, what if one of us has our period?

Heaven forbid a women demonstrates ANY of the behavior of this man, or half of the emotional outbursts. Don’t even think about expressing outrage, oh no! We would be sedated with a healthy dose of demeaning support and social shame.

Aside from the courage Dr. Christine Blasey Ford exhibited to the nation by standing up and telling truth-to-power, and not taking into consideration the suppression of the FBI investigation, and even ignoring the division both trump and Kavanaugh are propagating between the men and women of our nation, even YOU have to admit Kavanaugh is a loose nut!

He exposed his ugly.

Thats all there is to it! Period. The End.

There is literally nothing else necessary for you to see in order to draw the conclusion that Kavanaugh is not capable of being an even tempered impartial Judge, and he has no business on the Supreme Court. Face it, he failed the job interview!!

Hell, I would have had his shit on the sidewalk in garbage bags by the tenth time he declared, “I LIKE BEER”

Trump NEEDS this! How else will he stay out of prison?  So they are pulling out all of the stops  Awe, like us girls wouldn’t notice.

Ya know, the country needs to realize that  maybe it IS too bad the Republican Party didn’t catch it before the third date, but that doesn’t mean he gets to FUCK ALL OF US!!

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