Bright Lights And Cardboard Boxes: The Facade of Trump’s Empire

Last night I survived a three-part series on TV called, Biography- The Trump Dynasty.
For three straight hours, I hung in there while described in nauseating detail, was a lifelong timeline of trump fuckery. In living color, the show laid out what a crappy, corrupt and pathetic ”businessman” trump is, and has always been from the start. As an American, I’m embarrassed.
Trump’s ”empire” was built on the debt he never paid back, with loans he lied to get, in a long string of fraudulent bankruptcies, scams, and deceit.  I knew most of it already, but hearing it all laid out at once was mind-numbing.  Heads-up, suffering through his reality requires more rum than you currently have on hand.
Trump called the election the biggest ever infomercial; I think it’s the biggest ever snake oil bait-n-switch scam in American history and we are in the contention for international status among Hitler, Pol Pot, Edi Amin, and counting.
Now, I can understand how so much of the country was fooled initially. I was even curious in the very beginning because I always wondered if a great businessperson might be able to get things done in a different, less partisan way.  How naive was I?  He lost me along the way, however; likely the first time he spoke out loud.
Over the past three years, we’ve been sprinkled with an ongoing barrage of moral, financial, and political corruption sprinkled upon us daily in barely digestible tidbits.
Somewhere along the way, the sprinkles morphed into an undeniable onslaught of ”OMG DID YOU SEE THE NEWS TODAY??” strung together like five hundred strings of icicle Christmas lights my dad wadded up and threw in a cardboard refrigerator box when he was drunk.  At this juncture, I’m almost afraid to plug one in to see how many lights light; a few bulbs maybe?  Or perhaps one full string lights, but not the other 499, or more likely, all 500 fire up bright enough to lead Mary and Joseph to my basement.  Well, that is, if they don’t get detained at the border and thrown in cages.
Just recently it has been hitting a crescendo of corruption.  It looks like the whole trumpfukfuckery could BLOW at any minute like a balloon balanced on a razor blade.  You anticipate it, expect it, are waiting for it, yet you squeeze your ears against your head apprehensive for the inevitable BOOM.  The boom that will be heard around the world.
You would think that while initially bamboozled, once Americans started piecing it together, they would be angry and their MAGA rallies would be ”KICK TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE” rallies; you would think.
Add to that the insult that the trump base itself, has been categorically defined as ”Uneducated, Rural White Men (politic talk for stupid), and yet still some people remain steadfast proudly, stubbornly, mindlessly standing among that demeaningly defined demographic. The ONLY possible conclusion is that the trump base was, in fact, correctly defined.
Now that everything, I mean EVERYTHING trump is involved in is getting exposed for deep-rooted corruption against the American people, our military, security, health, planet and let’s face it, our emotional and cultural well-being, in addition to unraveling the entire world in general, it’s UNFATHOMABLE.
In the distance, I hear the band Europe singing, The Final Countdown.
Plug your ears people, they are about to plug in the lights.
By Cynthia Stetzer©

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