THIS! My fundamental issue with Donald Trump

img_8359I sometimes feel that people don’t understand my fundamental issue with Donald Trump, those he surrounds himself with, and the void of integrity in the Republican Congress that swore an oath to protect us, not the president.  I write from the soul; I really dig deep, but my words are just a part of the wind.
I’ve concluded (not accepted, make no mistake) that it is not worth my time or energy to appeal to the souls of the impenetrable; or touch the hearts of the stone cold.
I’ve learned a lot about the people in my world, and it has given me great pause and reflection.  I’ve faced the reality that it is outside of my reach to convince some that it’s not about political party or one issue anymore.  It’s about morality, core character, personal integrity, and human decency.  It’s about playing into hate, ignorance, and fear, or standing up to it.  It’s about our planet, our national security, and our democracy.  It’s in our belief that all men are created equal. Plus, it’s super embarrassing.
I’ve covered all the emotional bases from inspired, informed, supported, and validated, to disbelief, anger, helplessness, and guttural disappointment.  Sometimes I do that before breakfast.
My belief in people and the human condition has never before been questioned, nor challenged as it has been recently.  I’ve grieved the loss of so many because frankly, I cut em loose.  That insight and revelation have changed forever how I view and feel about certain people, and the truth is, that makes me really sad.  My heart and my mind are not rubber bands, there is no going back once I have all the information.
A time or two it has been suggested that essentially, I see the world through rose-colored glasses.  While I have always seen that as an insult disguised as sensitivity, for the first time in my life I am starting to question myself and that’s no way to live.  I do genuinely love people, have a naturally happy disposition and see good in most everyone, but I am no stranger to douchebags, complete assholes, and violence.
So here is what I DO believe to be true:
Those that think, know.
Those with righteousness, stand up.
Those with depth, believe.
Those with virtue, teach.
Those with honor, protect.
Those with integrity, speak up.
THIS clip is the best example that illustrates my point.
Is THIS is the best guy we’ve got?
THIS is not acceptable.
THIS is not American.
THIS needs to stop.
We are better than THIS.

Cynthia Stetzer© 3.18.19


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