Who The Hell Is In Charge Around Here?

Republican Congress failed the country by not putting the country before their own, all things considered, unremarkable careers. Between Trump, his cabinet, elected officials, GOP Congress, Fox News, and the deplorables at his rallies, I have never been more disgusted with a group of people IN MY LIFE.

There is no going back for any of them from my standpoint. They were and are void of integrity, patriotism, and moral compass. They did not stand up for the country when we needed them to. They did not do their jobs. They did not uphold their oaths when Russia was attacking us, and they knew it! Game over!

So why am I now sitting here watching the Democratic Congress play musical chairs and political cat and mouse as if they are completely unprepared for this with THREE YEARS TO FORM A PLAN OF ACTION? Instead, they are like dogs sniffing each others asses looking for the alpha.

STAND THE HELL UP! SHOW SOME COURAGE, INTEGRITY, AND LEADERSHIP! MAKE DECISIONS BASED ON WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE COUNTRY! This bastard could actually screw his way into another term and I am not being dramatic when I say I do not believe our democracy would survive.


Palosi says we will investigate and hold hearings and THEN DECIDE IF TRUMP HAS DONE ENOUGH TO BE IMPEACHED? READ THE FUCKING REPORT NANCY! It is a nice idea to hold hearings until the American people see for themselves what we’ve all been watching unfold for three years with our own eyes, so they know for certain impeachment would be popular with their constituents, but if they get stonewalled by trump, as he has sworn to do, and IS DOING, then they better suck it up and file.

Trump’s delay tactic can be fixed with one trip to the court to file impeachment papers. Done!

As soon as they OFFICIALLY FILE instead of jackknifing every step of this investigation, trump can DO NOTHING! Congress will have 100% control and NOBODY can refuse to appear, nor withhold information. Taxes, legal documents, reports, banks, GOP, EVERYTHING is at their disposal.

All I’m saying is that I will be DAMNED if the DEMOCRATS in Congress behave the way the GOP has!!

Somebody once and for all, for the good of God, before my brain seeps out of my ears, DO THE RIGHT THING FOR THE CITIZENS AND CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

That is all.

Cynthia Stetzer© 2.23.19

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