The Power of Positive Thinking in the First Democratic Debate- FAIL

I can find no possible way to reconcile inspirational writer, Merriam Williamson on the debate stage instead of two-time Governor of Montana Steve Bullock, a legitimate presidential candidate.

I will give Merriam props for inspiring people to write down every day, three things they are grateful for. That’s good stuff, and it DOES change your outlook on life; I highly recommend it. I wonder if that’s the key to reaching Mitch Mcconnell? I was thinking more along the lines of a mirror, string of garlic, and a wooden stake, but let’s give your big idea a try. We have nothing but time. Maybe hot yoga?

Snap out of it Merriam, life got real while you were meditating, so RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE, I would be GRATEFUL to hear the plans and ideas of a man that has a PROVEN and IMPRESSIVE track record of Democratic leadership in, as SICK as this makes me to say, a “trump” state.

I don’t need to tell anyone breathing with a single brain cell left that this is a serious time in our nation, and we need to hear from serious thinkers and serious leaders. Positive thinkers won’t cut it. As it turns out, THAT doesn’t get babies out of cages, trust me!!

As politically incorrect as this may be, I am PISSED that Williamson would take a critical spot in a debate she has zero chance of winning for the role as President of my country that she has zero ability to lead.

We already know what having a President with no ability to lead feels like. Now, I can only speak for myself (and sixty-four percent of Americans), when I tell you, having an unfit president is not as funny as people thought it would be when they voted for him.

Worse, it is not only unimpressive, it could be legitimately catastrophic for America in a broad range of things from the climate crisis, human rights violations, lack of international diplomacy and leadership, our diminishing legitimacy as a world moral leader, the loss of all trust in international negotiations, sharing information, the potential for a catastrophic nuclear war driven by the neophytes running the show, our reputation worldwide, our very democracy, and frankly my general disposition.


Step Off The Stage Merriam, you are out of your league and taking up space of genuine leadership the country desperately needs right now. We no longer find this shit amusing.

Cynthia Stetzer©


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